Enrich Dashboard

Easy to use & rich dashboard that provides live collection & single click data access.

View Live MCP Data

Display specific data you can view live milk collection data of a MCP with a particular data and shift.

Collection Edit Proof Process

Display milk collection for entire day with edits.

Single Farmer Details

Display all values of quantity and quality (SNF & FAT) of a particular farmer.

Automatic, Semi-automatic & manual modes for annual collection

So it saves our time and keeps also prevent our devices from the milk & other mosturised hands increase durability.

Wireless Connectivity Indication

Our app gives us proper indication of all devices connected and ready to collect the milk. So error handling is easy with HT-mAMCU.

Multiple Language

(Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi)


  • Auto Milk Collection
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Data on Cloud
  • Instant Sync
  • SMS to Farmers
  • Rate Charts Updation
  • Easy User Interface
  • One Touch Reports
  • Offline & Online Mode
  • Maintain Farmer Ledgers