Hindustan thermostatics incorporated in 1965 with the manufacturing of milk testing glassware with pride of having INDIA’s first BIS approved milk butyrometer taking a long legacy now HT is a renowned name in the milk procurement solution provider in this whole journey, HT has served almost every federation of INDIAN cooperative dairy sector with their products along with exporting its goods to almost 32 different countries.

Now here in 2021 HT owns the fastest milk analyzer technology with the smartest IoT based milk procurement solution.

Here at HT, we consider customer’s wish is our command, so we provide custom made solutions for milk procurement as per industry demand.

We have a mission to provide every milk producer and milk plant owner count of each drop of the milk (दूध का बूंद-बूंद का हिसाब)

Our works

We feel pleasure to inform all that we are supplying our products to almost 28 different countries in the world.

BIS Certification

Hindustan Thermostatics is India’s first company to get an BIS certification for its product for milk testing equipment i.e. milk butyrometer.

Since 1999 company has expands its expansion in the field of all dairy equipment starting from Milk collection system going through milk testing proceeding towards milk processing to milk packaging.

Hindustan Thermostatics offers complete trunkey project solutions to your milk plant with complete automation and data logging system

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